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 (China is administratively divided into 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 centrally administrative municipalities* and 2 special administrative regions (SAR)**.

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         Provinces: | Anhui | Fujian | Gansu | Guangdong | Guizhou | Hainan | Hebei | Heilongjiang | Henan | Hubei | Hunan | Jiangsu | Jiangxi | Jilin | Liaoning | Qinghai | Shaanxi | Shandong | Shanxi | Sichuan | Yunan | Zhejiang | Taiwan *** |

         Autonomous Regions: | Guangxi | Inner Mongolia | Ningxia | Tibet | Xinjiang

         Municipalities: | Beijing (Peking) | Chongqing | Shanghai | Tianjin |

         Special Administrative Regions (SAR): | Hong Kong | Macao |

Chinese University Rankings 2003



* Municipalities are directly under the administration of central government. A municipality has the same political, economical and jurisdictional rights as a province;

** Special Administrative Regions (SAR) was established specially designed for solving Hong Kong and Macao issues and based on the concept of "one country, two systems", SAR is in a pattern within which two completely different social systems (socialist system and capitalist system) and ideologies can coexist, SAR has more autonomous power regulated clearly by laws, including executive, legislative and independent judicial power.

***Taiwan Issue: a result of China's civil war in late 1940s'. In the earlier years of separation of mainland China and Taiwan, both sides of China (also called People's Republic of China "PRC" or "communist China", "red China" , "mainland China") and Taiwan (also called Republic of China "ROC") claim the legal sovereignty over China. Mainland China keeps claiming Taiwan as one of its provinces while Taiwan regards itself as an independent country.)

**** The statistics of each administrative division are collected from official and unofficial publications, updated constantly and for your reference only.

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