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SYSTRAN Ectaco Electronic Dictionary 1-800-translate appliedlanguage

Translator Qualifications

All our technical translators must meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 10 years of experience translating technical documents;
  • An educational background in science, engineering, or medicine in the area of translation specialization;
  • Demonstrated subject- or industry-specific professional work experience;
  • Solid writing skills;
  • Translation only into Chinese native language;

What We Translate

We specialize in translating technical documents for our corporate clients. We are committed to bring efficient and specialized language solutions to our customers. The evaluation we have acquired from our customers has exactly proved our success and great effort in the field. Examples of the type of material we translate are:

  • Engineering specifications
  • Manuals
  • Scientific papers
  • Patents
  • Data sheets
  • Clinical trials
  • Technical documentation
  • Web sites

Accurate and Reliable Translations


We are team of both licensed professional engineers in China and licensed professional engineers of Ontario with many years engineering practice in North America and China.We are the actual translators who will work on your Chinese project,


All final translation for drawing, specification, plans, reports, and other documents involving the practice of professional engineering, when issued in final form for action by others, we bear the signature and seal of the professional engineer who prepared and approved them. This is particularly important for services provided to our clients. We do not claim any skills or qualifications that we do not possess, and will accept work in fields in which we are competent .We believe in our clients' satisfaction and accept full responsibility for our work .