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ESL/EFL Teacher Placement VIP Services


  • Optional Services 1 : Free of charge.  We put your name on our ESL Teachers Name waiting list. we will mail our services package to our clients.
  • Optional Services 2: $79.98 US Dollars one secured position, $149.98 US Dollars secure positions for a couple. You will get the best offer and Best places. Guaranteed! ESLWeekly More..

*Prices may change without notice. 

Services confidence. Our "Plus $50" Guarantee: We are so confident about the quality of our services that, if you are not fully satisfied, we will refund your entire  fee plus $50. We have no interest in you feeling that you might 'get taken'. We have a revolutionary approach and word of mouth is extremely important to us.



This is a free website intended to help you arrange your overseas life.  We just want to make your life better. If you'd like to create your own overseas life, it's quite simple and painless. ESLWeekly for ESL teachers services are the result of the extra time, resources, and bandwidth of a small group of programmers, system administrators, and designers with most of the direct design and coding for the page done by Jun Wang, P.Eng. We want information to download quickly on everybody's computer. So our website is simple. We keep our expenses low by partnering with the best and most trusted providers in the business instead of doing everything ourselves. We mainly are offering engineering services. Profit on ESL services isn't really on our minds.


We do International Fax services. All your confidential information goes directly to our clients who are President or Principal in charge's office and we are committed to developing close partnerships with all our clients and to delivering a service that always exceeds expectations.


We understand that the Internet and international long distance call are still expensive in China. We have strong ability to help teachers tap into the hidden job market. Lots of jobs are not advertised in China.

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ESL Teachers VIP Services US $79.98 one Poisition

ESL Teachers VIP Services $149.98 USDollars a Couple